Hard Gainer Extreme Review

When it comes to mass gainer shakes in general, the majority of people tend to find that they are rather difficult to consume as there is so much packed into each scoop; things like how easily it mixes and how it tastes usually end up being the main thoughts of concern.

Why People May Want to Buy This Product

Before establishing whether or not this mass gainer shake in particular is worth it or not, we need to first go over why people would look to use a supplement like this. The Hard Gainer Extreme is essentially a powder that can be mixed into water or milk and it contains a number of things, lots of calories and macronutrients. To be exact, per serving, there is 404 calories, 36g of protein, 49g of carbohydrates and 6.1g of fat.

Who would want to use this product?

It is simple. People who want to be able to add more calories into their diet. Not only this but they want to be able to do it easily and conveniently and this is where they would turn to the Hard Gainer Extreme supplement. Powerlifters or bodybuilders who are in a caloric surplus tend to be the kinds of people who would use these mass gainer shakes, it enables them to be able to increase their overall daily caloric intake in order to support their goals of either building strength, muscle or both.

Is it Worth It?

To be able to answer this question effectively and appropriately, it very much so depends on the person and what kinds of targets they have in mind for themselves. If you are someone who has been going to the gym for a period of time now and you are trying to get bigger and put on some noticeable size, you will find that as you are getting heavier and heavier, your overall food intake is going to have to increase, this may start to make it quite a task to hit these caloric and macronutrient needs. This is the time where the Hard Gainer Extreme could be very handy.

Due to the fact that it is in a liquid form, it means that it is going to be easier to consume than it would be to eat the amount of food that it would take to fill in the same amount of calories and macros. But when it comes to a lot of mass gainer shakes out there, some of them have proved to be quite hard to drink as they can be quite thick. When it comes to how easy this product can be mixed, let me tell you that it is one of the best mixing mass gainers that I’ve had, although you do have to add quite a lot of liquid to it and you must shake it for a little while to ensure that the lumps are kept to a minimum. But overall I would say that it mixes well and the chocolate smooth flavour is great, I would even recommend throwing it in a blender as that helps to get rid of the slightly grainy texture towards to bottom of the shake (the oats).


MyProtein’s Hard Gainer Extreme is a very worthwhile product for people who are trying to put on some weight, however, you should also be aware that this is a supplement and therefore I would not advise you to use this any more than two times a day. To be honest, once a day is enough along with your regular eating as real food is what’s going to get you proper results, think of this mass gainer as a way of helping you reach your caloric needs but do not start to rely on it.