What Are Anabolic Supplements?

Anabolic supplements have been used by competitive athletes for some time now and there is a common debate about whether these drugs should be considered natural or not.

Considering the fact that they can greatly enhance an athlete’s performance, for example, a bodybuilder is able to attain far better results whilst taking anabolic steroids compared to if they were to stay natural, which is why some people think they should be deemed as unnatural altogether. But the people who would try and argue against this would say that some anabolic steroids, such as testosterone or HGH are already hormones that our bodies naturally produce, so why should it be banned in sports.

Well, the thing is that these specific types of anabolic supplements are derived from synthetics of the hormone, which means it allows the body to produce far more of it thus giving it a greater competitive edge when it comes to sports, in particular, bodybuilding. But there are side effects to taking anabolic drugs, why would you do it? Some of the side effects are more severe than others but we will get into that a little later on.

For now, let us think about why people think they should be banned as a whole in sports. Many people rightly believe that anabolic steroids give way too much of an advantage over other competitors which makes it unfair for example, for people to compete in shows where they are clearly out of their opponents’ league in terms of physique, muscle mass, body fat percentage etc. it just cannot be judged fairly without taking into account the fact that the person is taking anabolic supplements. But going back to the HGH and test thing, these two, in particular, have been banned in most states in America when it comes to competing in sports because the competitive edge it gives them has been deemed too much as they have to give the natural athletes a real chance, this is amplified publicly by the fact that these synthetic drugs cannot be brought in local drug or supplement stores like things such as amino acids can. The reason for this is because we can ingest amino acids through our food anyway, the supplement just helps to raise the levels a little, but when it comes to anabolic steroids such as test, there is no way we could get that amount into our systems naturally, which is why bodybuilder take them as there is no other alternative to getting the kind of results they want to see without hopping onto some anabolic drugs.

There can also be some not so nice side effects as a results of users abusing anabolic steroids, some of these side effects include acne, loss of hair, liver disease, kidney disease, mood swings, heart disease, heart attack, stroke, aggression, depression, high blood pressure, altered cholesterol levels, bacterial infections, viral infections, infertility, stunt in growth (mostly for teens), infertility and the shrinking of sexual organs. So the list, as you can see, is quite lengthy, so why on earth would anyone want to put their bodies through such a thing to the point where they are sacrificing their own health in order to try and win at something competitive.

Well, let us keep it in perspective, when you take anabolic steroids, you do not suddenly have to deal with all of the side effects mentioned above, in fact, for most people, if they stay within their recommended doses and correctly complete their cycle, they should be absolutely fine. Having said that, it depends on a few important factors such as whether or not their bodies can tolerate the particular anabolic steroid well and what drug they are supplementing with to begin with.

Can you become addicted to anabolic supplements? This is quite a common question because, after all, anabolic supplements are a drug and the answer can be yes for some people, they depend on them to gain a physical and mental edge and when it is gone for extended periods of time, they may start to show sign of withdrawal symptoms. Some of these symptoms include a loss of appetite, cravings for steroids, mood swings, insomnia, fatigue etc. and the list could go on, but it is probably a good thing for you to be aware that you can actually become addicted to anabolic supplements and that you may start to notice that you are showing signs of withdrawal feelings.

All of these harmful things it can do to you, why bother? Take a bodybuilder who is passionate about their sport, they have been competing in a mediocre class and have been consistently winning for a long time now, at the start it may have felt great, but now they are hungry for something more, they want to compete with the bug boys. Only thing is, they will get slaughtered on stage if they went on as a natural into a competition where they do not test for drug use, so most people at this point would turn to anabolic steroids to aid them to become more competitive in their class. Both men and women bodybuilders use steroids like Dianabol, Stanozolol, Anavar for women or Deca Durabolin to enhanced their results.

At the end of the day, anabolic steroids are powerful drugs that should not thought of as natural. Even though things like testosterone and HGH derive from natural hormones in our bodies, if it gives you any sort of advantage over people who are not taking anabolic drugs, you should not be able to compete with them, simple. It is your choice to make the decision to take the path of becoming an athlete who takes anabolic drugs, which isn’t necessarily a negative thing , just as long as you know why you or others are taking it and you know the risks behind them.

What is Bodybuilding

If you are familiar with the bodybuilding.com website, you will already know that our goal is to provide you with the information that you need to be able to achieve the body that you want. You can go from a complete beginner to a great bodybuilder as long as you’re willing to do what it takes.

As a complete rookie, the gym can most definitely be quite an intimidating place, you don’t really know the people there but all you see of them is their intense methods of training. You may start to get preconceived ideas about bodybuilders right off the bat and it’s understandable; seeing women shredded to the bone and men with more muscle than you thought humanly possible could put you off.

Furthermore, the bodybuilding world is its own little thing, it’s almost like they have their own language. So, if you are someone who wants to get into bodybuilding, you should really understand what is involved with it so that you know what to expect going into it. It’s not something you can do successfully if you only do it on and off for a number of years, commitment is a necessity.

It’s easy, from an outside perspective, to see bodybuilding as just a load of men and women flexing their muscles whilst oiled up in an attempt to boost their egos. This just simply is not the case. Bodybuilding is a form of art that takes years on top of years to create and mould. Everyone nowadays seems to want to have the secret formula to being a successful bodybuilder but the truth is, there isn’t one.

Despite this, there are certain things that you can do to put your body ahead of the game in terms of training methods and nutritional techniques but these are all things that are available to everyone. Starting from the beginning, a great way to keep yourself on track to making progress is writing down realistic goals and expectations of what it is that you want to achieve and then sticking to a programme that is going to get you to where you want to be.


Now that’s out of the way, bodybuilding is essentially combining the correct use of diet and resistance training to build muscle. There’s all kinds of different ways to approach the diet so I’ll keep it simple for now, you need to be in a caloric surplus to be able to build muscle, a good rule of thumb is to be around 500 calories over maintenance so that you can minimise fat gain and excel in muscle building.

When it comes to using weights, your goal is to try and shorten the muscle through intense muscle contractions on the positive end of the movement (the squeeze) and then lengthen them for the eccentric part of the exercise (the stretch). You want to be able to feel the muscle contract whilst moving the weight, as a newbie, you may find it difficult to get this feeling, it’s known as the mind-muscle connection. The contraction of the targeted muscle is what should move the weight.

Benefits of Bodybuilding

Everyone knows that bodybuilding will get you a great looking body but it does so much more than this. The mental aspect to this sport is something that should not be overlooked, in fact it is pretty much the make or break to being a good bodybuilder. If you do not have the mind-set to be able to stick to a strict training and diet regime, then of course you cannot expect to see a whole lot of results and after a certain point, you simply will not be making any changes to your body. The mental challenge of this sport is something that becomes a part of your life, you’ve probably heard of the saying “It’s a lifestyle” and it’s true. If you are able to stay consistently on point with the difficult tasks of the diet and intense training, you will be able to deal with so much more obstacles that may come your way in real life. Bodybuilding strengthens your mind, not just your muscles.

The health benefits are also a huge thing to take into consideration. Being a bodybuilder means that your diet is full of healthy and nutritional foods, you are regularly exercising with weights and cardio can easily be implemented into your routine. Bodybuilding is like one massive health package.

Bodybuilding enables you to vastly decrease the risks of developing coronary heart disease, you are in a better position to be able to control things such as high blood pressure, obesity and cholesterol. Not the mention the fact that your joints and ligaments are also strengthened therefore decreasing the chances of something like arthritis.

Your confidence and self-esteem will be greatly developed as a result of bodybuilding as well as the fact that issues such as depression, anxiety and stress can be alleviated due to this sport. The quality of your sleep can also be improved. So as you can see, the list of benefits related to bodybuilding is quite vast and it can go on and on. Use it as a way to gain a sense of discipline that will enable you to accumulate many positive developments in your life.

Hard Gainer Extreme Review

When it comes to mass gainer shakes in general, the majority of people tend to find that they are rather difficult to consume as there is so much packed into each scoop; things like how easily it mixes and how it tastes usually end up being the main thoughts of concern.

Why People May Want to Buy This Product

Before establishing whether or not this mass gainer shake in particular is worth it or not, we need to first go over why people would look to use a supplement like this. The Hard Gainer Extreme is essentially a powder that can be mixed into water or milk and it contains a number of things, lots of calories and macronutrients. To be exact, per serving, there is 404 calories, 36g of protein, 49g of carbohydrates and 6.1g of fat.

Who would want to use this product?

It is simple. People who want to be able to add more calories into their diet. Not only this but they want to be able to do it easily and conveniently and this is where they would turn to the Hard Gainer Extreme supplement. Powerlifters or bodybuilders who are in a caloric surplus tend to be the kinds of people who would use these mass gainer shakes, it enables them to be able to increase their overall daily caloric intake in order to support their goals of either building strength, muscle or both.

Is it Worth It?

To be able to answer this question effectively and appropriately, it very much so depends on the person and what kinds of targets they have in mind for themselves. If you are someone who has been going to the gym for a period of time now and you are trying to get bigger and put on some noticeable size, you will find that as you are getting heavier and heavier, your overall food intake is going to have to increase, this may start to make it quite a task to hit these caloric and macronutrient needs. This is the time where the Hard Gainer Extreme could be very handy.

Due to the fact that it is in a liquid form, it means that it is going to be easier to consume than it would be to eat the amount of food that it would take to fill in the same amount of calories and macros. But when it comes to a lot of mass gainer shakes out there, some of them have proved to be quite hard to drink as they can be quite thick. When it comes to how easy this product can be mixed, let me tell you that it is one of the best mixing mass gainers that I’ve had, although you do have to add quite a lot of liquid to it and you must shake it for a little while to ensure that the lumps are kept to a minimum. But overall I would say that it mixes well and the chocolate smooth flavour is great, I would even recommend throwing it in a blender as that helps to get rid of the slightly grainy texture towards to bottom of the shake (the oats).


MyProtein’s Hard Gainer Extreme is a very worthwhile product for people who are trying to put on some weight, however, you should also be aware that this is a supplement and therefore I would not advise you to use this any more than two times a day. To be honest, once a day is enough along with your regular eating as real food is what’s going to get you proper results, think of this mass gainer as a way of helping you reach your caloric needs but do not start to rely on it.