Using Creatine For Muscle Development

If you are an athlete, or you go to the gym frequently, then you should consider using creatine supplement. It is the greatest investment you can make when it comes to boosting your energy level and increasing your adherence levels.

In case you are wondering what it is, then read on…

How it works:

Creatine is found naturally in the body, but you can increase your creatine levels by increasing your fish and meat intake. However, if you are a vegetarian or you develop complications from consuming these foods, you can use creatine supplements. They are available icreatinen different forms such as flavored powders, mixed liquids or even capsules.

Most people who use creatine find that it helps significantly when it comes to muscle development. This is good news to those who engage in weight lifting and other exercises that require strong muscles. During the first few days of use, you will have water gain ranging from 2 to 4 lbs. This is not a bad thing at all. It is a sign that the creatine is working, and if you continue with exercise regularly and persistently, you will notice development of lean muscle mass.

If you decide on taking creatine supplements, you should be keen on the amount you take for it to work. Ideally. you should use an average of 4-6 grams per day, making it 20-25 grams after five days. In as much as that is what is recommended, there is no real evidence to show that this it is the dosage that work. Anyway, regardless of how much you decide to take, you should always remember that moderation is key when it comes to taking supplements. While taking creatine, you should increase your intake of carbohydrates if you want it to be effective in giving you muscle bulkiness.

Benefits of creatine:

Creatine give you the energy required to do high intensity workouts such as anaerobic exercises. Using creatine supplements ensures that you have enough creatine in your system, which is then converted to energy. If you have always wanted to body build or train for longer hours, then you definitely consider using these supplements. You may experience micro tears in your muscle due to the intensive training, but you can be sure that once your muscles are repaired, they will be bigger and even stronger than when you started.

Side effects of using creatine supplements:

During the first few days of usage, you may feel boated and queasy in the stomach. This is rare and often subsides after a few days. However, if you feel uncomfortable, you should consider trying a different form of creatine like Ethyl Ester which does not cause so much boating. Generally, creatine is considered safe unless you have a preexisting condition such as renal diseases which may put stress on the kidney.

If you are doing high level trainings that require you to be physically fit, then creative supplement is a must have in your exercise regimen. It will increase your lean mass, strength, agility and general adherence.

Ways on How to Stay Energized

Got a problem keeping your energy levels up and stable througout the day? Put an end to your struggles by applying these tips on how to stay energized and all pumped up for hours.

Maintain the Right Amount of Sleep

Man SleepingNow that you know that lack of sleep is the primary cause of tiredness, then it’s time that you hit the sack earlier during the night and try to get quality sleep to sustain your energy levels. If you think that loads of work are keeping you from getting enough sleep each night, then you should at least try to have an hour of power nap to recharge your batteries. In fact, even just an hour of nap can do so much in enhancing your memory while de-stressing your brain effectively.
Aside from getting ready for bed early, you should start to lose unhealthy bedtime habits that may be causing you to lack sleep. This includes placing your phone out of your pillow, which only tempts you to keep texting or playing games with it just before you sleep. Moreover, it is best if you stop leaving the TV or computer on since the bright light and some sounds can be so distracting when you want to sleep peacefully.

If you think the temperature in your room is too warm and uncomfortable, then you should adjust the setting of your airconditioning unit or electric fan to stay cool. After all, nobody wants to sleep in a room that’s too warm and stuffy.

It is also important that you avoid working out or exercising at night. Drinking caffeine-based drinks is also a no-no if your goal is to sleep well for at least 7 to 8 hours nightly for stay energized. If ever you need a good drink to calm your ind and make you fall alseep faster, you may consider drinking a nice cup of protein-rich hot choco.

Do Something about Your Diet

As with anything, your diet has a huge impact to your overall health including your ability to sleep well for longer hours. If you are struggling to go to sleep, then you may need the right amount of fuel in your body. So, consider eating foods that contain the right amount of calories you need to avoid feeling all drained and stressed within the day.

Consume Light Snacks Often

Avoid loading up on breakfast, lunch and dinner while skipping light snacks. As long as you reach the right calorie content recommended for you, that’s all that matters. However, this does not mean you should eat heavy major meals and starve yourself in-between. So, strive to keep your blood sugar levels balanced by choosing the foods you eat and eating light, yet health snacks each day.

Have Your Breakfast

Breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day, so you should never even think about skipping this just because you think there is barely any time for you to sit down and eat. When you wake up each morning, it is expected that your glucose levels are low while the cortisol levels are high. Hence, you may experience stress early in the morning accompanied by lethargy and fatigue.
So, be sure to consume healthy foods that are good for your body including eggs. What’s more, you can choose from a number of ways to prepare eggs whether it is scrambled, poached, or boiled. With this in mind, make breakfast an important part of your day and fill up with healthy meals to start your day right.

Provide Your Body with Vitamins and Minerals

Your body relies on nutrients for energy, so it is only right that you get the recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals each day. Magnesium, for instance, is an important mineral that affects your body’s metabolic mechanism, as well as the breakdown of sugar to energy. Thus, you will feel less tired and more energetic because of this oxygen. You may get your dose of magnesium from seafood, some fish and whole grains. Magnesium capsules are also available when you think you are not getting enough of this mineral from the foods you eat.

Final Thoughts

While there are numerous reasons for feeling tired all day, there are still endless ways to counter this negative feeling. Thus, consider improving your diet, activity level and intake of magnesium to experience how amazing it feels to stay stress-free and energized with these simple tips.

Best Pre Workout Meal

Fats and carbohydrates are usually neglected when selecting a pre workout nutrition meal yet they are the major sources of energy. How you will perform physically will highly depend on your carbohydrates status. This is determined by your daily intake and how you time the consumption relative to the time of the training. Carbohydrates are very important when it comes to energy production because they contain simple sugars like galactose, fructose and glucose. These simple sugars directly participate in synthesis to result in energy production. Unused glucose is converted and stored in the liver as glycogen. Glycogen then becomes the major energy source during exercises that require explosive movements. This is possible when the body uses energy and burns calories glycogen is accessed immediately and released into the blood stream. It is then transported and broken down as glucose in the muscles.
Therefore carbohydrates form an important component of a pre workout meal. Recent studies have shown that meals that have a low or high glycemic index can enable the steady availability of glucose in the blood hence improving recovery of the muscles and improving individual performance. When taken together with proteins, it has been realized that carbohydrates help in maintaining the levels of amino acids in the blood hence increasing synthesis in the muscles. Diets that do not have enough carbohydrates are linked to increase in muscle fatigue and susceptibility to injury. Carbohydrates are therefore very important for any workout if especially, you will not exceed sixty minutes or when you are engaged in high intensity exercises. The most preferred carbohydrates to consume before a workout are go slow carbohydrates such as oats and whole grain foods.

Human bodies also utilize fatty acids from dietary fats that are the greatest source of energy. 1 gram of fat provides 9 calories as compared to 1 gram of carbohydrate that provides 4 calories. If you are engaged in low and moderate exercises, then fat is good for you since it works best in endurance training and prolonged aerobics. So if you are intending to improve your fitness at the gym or if you intend to participate in marathons, this is a very important component and should never be left out of your pre workout meal. Good sources of fat include nuts and avocadoes.

Water- Stay Hydrated!

Finally, don’t ever forget to include plenty of water in your pre workout meals. Ensure that during and after the exercise, your body should remain hydrated. Water is very important when training and dehydration can negatively impact on your gym performance.

Pre Workout Nutrition Tips

Most nutrition researchers have been, in the recent past, concerned about the importance of nutrition after a workout. Nutrition before a workout is very important and if not carefully considered it can decelerate or diminish your fitness goals. For instance, if you are to start a journey but you do not have enough fuel in your tank, would you get to your destination? Obviously no because you will have to roll the car for some distance to reach your destination. The body acts just like the car; it should have enough fuel for it to function optimally. Without the desired nutrients, the body might be rendered not functional. You should therefore supply correct nutrition and enough fuel to your body or else you will be fatigued and you might face an increased risk of injury.

The first thing you should consider when selecting pre workout diet is that you should choose meals that contain the three major macro nutrients. The food should be light so that it is digested easily. The timing of your meal is also an important factor when considering your pre workout meal. It is generally advisable that you take the meal about 60 to 90 minutes before you start your workout. You may consider taking safe legal steroids like Dianabol or Winstrol. Dianabol pills for sale are 100 % safe and very effective. Winstrol pills for sale from CrazyMass are the best alternative to pure Winstrol steroid.

Protein- A Must for Muscle


At this time, you should be knowing that protein is the main source of the body’s fuel. The protein is synthesized so that it enables muscles to grow. Most post workout supplementation and nutritional plans recommend the consumption of whey protein in order to progress effectively. Recent studies have also shown that the eating of protein, especially whey protein, before workout has the capability of improving training and performance. This is because whey protein is absorbed quickly by the muscle cells. The protein is rich in amino acids like leucine. The sudden increase in the concentration of amino acids in the body cells signals the body to prevent the breakdown of muscles during the workout. If you do not have sufficient protein in your pre workout meal, a negative nitrogen balance might result. This often leads to the breakdown of muscles and increases susceptibility to injury.

A key thing to note is the fact that protein is not only beneficial to body and muscle builders, but it is also important to any individual participating regularly in physical activities. Amino acids are broken down to aid the body in recovering and also produce energy after the breakdown of fat and carbohydrates is complete. You should therefore always include a light and lean protein source into your pre workout meal.

The Benefits Of Whey Protein For Muscle Recovery

Whey protein has a lot of benefits for muscle recovery that you may not have thought of. This is due to their biological makeup and how that interacts with the human body for repair of muscle mass and more.

Whey protein is regarded as the best source of protein for immediate repair of lean muscle mass. Its amino acid profile matches that of skeletal muscle, making it ultra-effective at repairing, but also has the ability to be digested rapidly and absorbed quickly by the body to get to the muscle quickly. Sports nutrition experts usually advise athletes to consume twenty to thirty grams of this high quality protein after an intense period of exercises to optimize the myofibril protein synthesis response and build new protein.

Whey comes from cows milk, which usually contains 3.5%. Of this number, whey constitutes 20% of this and casein the other 80%. The curds are casein and can be made into cheese. The liquid whey was usually a waste product. Today this makes up the purified whey that athletes and gym fiends use to increase their intake of protein and help with muscle growth and recovery. The raw whey liquid must be processed through a cross flow microfiltration system in order to remove all of the water, minerals, fat and lactose to end up with a powder that has a high amount of protein without bio-availability removed from the product. The final amount of protein in a product can be anywhere from 30 to 95% depending on the process of filtration used.

There are different types of whey protein out there to pick from: Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, and Whey Protein Hydrolysate. Whey Protein Concentrate contains between 75-85% protein made up of around 1-2% fat and about 5-10% lactose. This type of protein is usually filtered through microfiltration, running the solution through a membrane with microscopic holes. This is the whey protein product with the lowest price on the market. Whey Protein Isolate uses ultra-filtration to remove most of the lactose and fat from the protein. This leads to a higher protein percentage per serving, over 90%, as well as less fat and sugar than Whey Protein Concentrate. Whey Protein Hydrolysate is an isolate that has had some of its protein broken down by enzymes to result in smaller peptides and amino acids using meticulous manufacturing processes.

When looking for the right whey protein supplement for you, assess your training goals and other factors such as allergies and intake timing. Those with a lactose intolerance would probably be better off with a Whey Protein Isolate due to its low lactose content. Those looking for a high protein content would find a great selection in Whey Protein Concentrate, a more premium whey source. All whey protein sources are great choices for repairing muscle mass and improving performance and recovery time for athletes.

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